Pineapple Ginger Immunity Shots
Pineapple Ginger Immunity Shots
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4oz bottles that equal 2 servings

Immunity wellness shots are loaded with superfoods and other organic ingredients that can offer a variety of tangible health benefits. Though they are small in size, they certainly pack a punch. Wellness shot benefits can vary depending on the wellness shot recipe in question, but here are four ways these powerful juices can help boost and protect your health.


    • Organic cold-pressed key lime  juice: This great source of vitamin C and other essential nutrients helps soothe sore throats, boosts your immune system, promotes digestive enzymes, and is an antimicrobial.
    • Organic turmeric: This potent anti-inflammatory spice offers significant pain relief, is a great energy booster, improves digestion, and even promotes healthier skin
    • Organic ginger: Perfect for combatting an upset stomach, organic ginger also helps with inflammation, stops nausea, provides pain relief, reduces bloating, and is a potent antimicrobial.
    • Our special blend of herbs including black pepper, cinnamon and maca 
    • Organic Pineapples are especially great for immune system health because of their high vitamin C content. They’re also excellent for our digestion because of a certain digestive enzyme they contain called bromelain. This makes them a good fruit to be eaten after a meal. This unique enzyme also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help with joint pain and arthritis. Pineapples are great sources of antioxidants (which helps our bodies fight off disease),  potassium, calcium, vitamin A, and trace minerals manganese and selenium. Drinking the juice of this tropical fruit can be exceptionally helpful in soothing sore throats and calming coughs that might arise.

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