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100% Vegan Sea Moss Capsules 500 mg

100% Vegan Sea Moss Capsules 500 mg

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Sea Moss Vegan capsules

* Sea Moss is good for all ages young to old that can swallow capsules*

30 capsules
Take 1 pill first thing in the morning on a empty stomach for best results

500mg Sea Moss Capsules TOP QUAILITY DR SEBI inspired replace your daily vitamin with Sea Moss it has 92 of 102 essential minerals the human body is made of. This sea moss changed my life!! Some of the benefits you can can look forward to having:

• More Mental Focus
• Healthier Skin
• Better Digestion
• Better Sleep
• Natural Aphrodisiac
• Inflammation in Joints
• Aids Weight Loss Goals (works as a suppressant)
• Vegan capsules (no pork)
• Removes Mucus from the body (which is known to be the start of many diseases)


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All orders placed after 12pm EST will be Shipped the following week. All Orders are made fresh every week and shipped 2 day Air UPS. Place immediately in the refrigerator once recieved. Sea Moss Lasts 2-3 Weeks once recieved. If you have any issues with delivery please reach us via email, instagram or chat on the website.

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