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The Life Beverage

The Life Beverage

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Natural Energy Drinks 16oz. (2)
Made with Cistanche and Raw African Honey

* Sexual Health: Cistanche is used to increase the sexual power and is responsible for good sexual health. The major component of Cistanche tubulosa extract, echinacoside and acteoside is responsible for improving the sexual ability of both the genders. It increases the male hormone production by the action of enzymes, which are released due to the intake of Cistanche tubulosa.

* Anti-Aging Properties: Cistanche extracts are traditionally used to fight aging and increase longevity.

* Energy and Metabolic Function: Cistanche helps maintain healthy metabolic function. It is often used to prevent fatigue and increase energy.

* Blood Pressure: Cistanche has shown promising effects on lowering blood pressure.

* Memory Enhancer: Cistanche extracts are traditionally used to improve brain health and enhance practiced learning abilities. Cistanche may help sharpen the memory.

* Immunity: Cistanche is an antioxidant, and it offers immune support.

* Bone Health: Cistanche is used to prevent bone loss and strengthen bones.

* Sexual Health: Cistanche is traditionally used to improve sexual health and stamina by possibly boosting testosterone.

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